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Nov 23 2020

Agricultural Products Classification In India

The word “agriculture” comes from the Latin words “Agri” means field, and “culture” means cultivation (or) a way of life. “Agriculture is all about producing food, feed, fiber, and many other byproducts by the process of cultivating certain plants and domesticating animals.” The process of practicing agriculture is known as “farming.”

Nov 22 2020

Sustainable Eating Habits - Factors And Importance

Due to climate change being recognized as a problem, we as humans have started preserving the Planet by using recycled things like glass, paper, compost, organic waste, reusable bags, and so forth. Food is a common substance produced by the Planet and consumed by us.

Nov 21 2020

Clove - Benefits, Side Effects & Details

It all started in the third century BC when the Emperors of the Han Dynasty in China, demanded that people who speak to them should have fresh breath. What could help the case?- cloves. For decades and decades, clove is used for human health and is a cure for toothache. Finding its way around from China, clove has now found its purpose to be used in several cuisines around the world, including Asia, Africa, and Mediterranean regions.